Jay Cutler Impregnated Kristin Cavallari – Again



Here we go again with Cuts and Cavs. Smoking Jay Cutler has impregnated his wife – AGAIN – and the guy is injured – AGAIN. Kristin gushed on Instagram, “Thank you for all the love!! We are so excited for Camden to be a big brother!”

You might remember that the last time Kristin got pregnant was 2011 when Jay broke his thumb and missed the final six games of the year. The Bears were 7-3 when Jay went down and finished 8-8. Cavs announced in early 2012 that Jay accidentally impregnated her.

Jay is hurt again (groin injury suffered Oct. 21 against Redskins) and suddenly his wife is preggers. Sounds like he keeps busy on rehab assignments. (Yes, I understand works and that she was pregnant before he went on the injured list. Relax.)

This time it was planned for Jay to do the impregnation.

“It’s funny — before we had Camden I was like, ‘Yeah, four kids, no problem!'” Cavallari told local Chicago news station, WCIU, during an Oct. 11 appearance. The designer mom also told WCIU that she and Cutler were “working on” baby no. 2.

“We’re doing all the necessary things to get pregnant,” she teased. While the gender of the baby is not yet known, Cavallari revealed to Us Weekly in September that she would “love to have a little girl…But if I had another boy, that would be great, too.”

Family comes first, Bears fan.


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