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The Boston Red Sox can clinch the World Series at Fenway Park on Wednesday for the first time since 1918 (when they used carrier pigeons for the military flyover).

In anticipation of the event, Red Sox fans in Boston — and all over New England — are getting ready to celebrate. But, who wants to cheer alone? Not these lonely Red Sox fans, who have posted on Craigslist in advance of tonight’s game against St. Louis (8:07 p.m. EST on FOX).

1. First guy – definitely not expecting anything, just “bring ur own beers and a robe.”

Hot tub company for the red sox game – mw4w (Near Nashua)

Looking for a woman to join me in the hot tub tonight to watch the word series game. My gal can’t go in tonight for personal reasons and she doesn’t mind me having another woman over for company to soak with me and watch the game. She will be in the house and she is a very cool person. I am not expecting anything but you watching the game with me. That is why I am placing it in platonic. All u will need is ur own beers and a robe. If u got a big towel feel free to bring it. The tub is inside so need to worry about being out in the dark lol. Any woman between 25-50 would be fine. If you feel more comfy bring ur girlfriend with u that is ok. No guys need to reply. Let me know

2. Second guy — watch the Sox win in the nude!


Sox fan and Nudist – great combination! – m4m – 30 (Salem)

Title says it all! Will be watching Game Six tonight at home and looking for other Sox fans who would enjoy doing so in the nude!

I’m 30 six feet 170lbs

please be near my age and BYOB. Kindly provide self photo so I know who will be visiting.

Looking to start around 7:30 tonight!

3. Third fan — “The Amish are not angry looking.”


Dear Red Sox Players (and fans) (Framingham area)

If you win the world series will you please shave those hideous beards before the parade? No fooling, they are ugly as sin. I went to “PA Dutch country” and I also got to visit some Amish stores. The Amish were very polite and very clean. When people refer to the Red Sox as “Amish” it is a huge insult. The Amish do not get tattoos. The Amish keep their beards well managed and don’t let them get out of control. The Amish are not angry looking. They wear their beards very well. Please dump the beards in the clubhouse if you win the series. Everyone I have spoken to (who watched the series) has told me the same thing–they hate the beards. It has nothing to do with team spirit, good luck, the Boston bombings, or anything like that. It is just plain hideous. The Red Sox look like punk rockers. I have nothing against punk bands or fans but they are expected to look like that whereas professional baseball players who play in the major leagues and make millions of dollars per year are expected to put on a good example for the kids of America (and the rest of the world). Good luck with the rest of the series but please clean up your looks and reputation. Thank you!

4. Fourth guy — do you have a thong and a Red Sox hat?

RED SOX season ticket holder NEEDS DATE WED. no b.s. – m4w – 36 (norton)

GIRLFRIEND broke my heart today ,have awsome seats no charge also have hotel room at marriot for nite -1st woman over 20 to send me a picture in a thong and red sox hat ONLY you must be attractive of course ,with email to contact you . i am 36 and attractive also, very financially well off! CANT BE A PRUDE ,of course!

5. Fifth guy  — from Monday, but he’s prob. still DTF, though.


Get Beard? He’ll yeah fucking Red Sox tonight… Fuck for the game? – m4w – 19

Hey, the Red Sox are tonight lets fucking get some huh? Hopefully a little bit of victory sex at the end maybe? I mean I don’t mind watching the game lying on my stomach while you’re on your back with your pussy in my mouth. Do you mind having your head upside watching the game flipped I hope not… I mean it will feel amazing…

So I’m Josh… I’m 19 years old being honest and I really just want to have a good time tonight while the sox are playing… I am a college athlete playing lacrosse currently, giving me that athletic build… I’ve got that stamina that you need I will never go out… Can we go all night? I hope the pictures I have on the ad work… Let me know if you need anything else please…

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