Antoine Roussel vs Francis Bouillon: How To Puch A Guy Wearing A Visor


On Tuesday, I showed you what an NHL fight looks like when two guys, who have no right dropping the gloves while wearing visors, throw body punches in a ridiculous hockey brawl.

Now let’s watch an expert last night in Montreal.

You see that little guy in red. That’s Francis Bouillon. He’s 5’8 and 38 years old. That means he’s a veteran who has brawled over the years. He doesn’t fight that often, but knows how to handle himself when some young punk like Antoine Roussel wants to start some shit.

Roussel, you might remember from last year, jumped up our shit list as a guy who fashions himself a tough guy while wearing a visor (13 total fights in 2012-13). (Yes, I understand the NHL will be mandating visors, and is looking to end fighting all together; save the emails).

Bouillon has something for Antoine. A punch to the mouth.

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