Son: My Dad Is Vols Mullet Fan & That Mullet Is 19 Years Old!


We were contacted today by the son of Vols Mullet, the now legendary head of hair that was spotted at Saturday’s Tennessee-Alabama game and there is a great story to go along with that mullet.

Cruz Rosborough (@Cruzin_UTK17), a Vols freshman, says that his dad, Hank, has been growing that mullet since the day before his son was born.

“He asks me once a year, on my birthday, if he should cut it,” Cruz said via a Twitter exchange. Would Cruz ask his father to cut the now-infamous locks? “Hell no, haha, I’ll never let him cut (it).”

Hank’s mullet is 19 years old.

The other interesting tidbit to this story is that Hank lives in Tuscaloosa. He used to be a Bama fan. That’s right, Hank was all about Roll Tide until that tragic day in 1983.

“He was a Bama fan until Coach Bryant died. Been all Vols since. Things changed. He changed,” Cruz tells us. It seems dad passed down his love of the Vols to his offspring. Cruz states on his Twitter account that he’s “fulfilling a life-long dream this fall, attending the University of Tennessee!”

This wasn’t just a one-time deal for Hank. This is life. A Vols football life. He paints that hair every game. Cruz tells us he paints it for his father.

“You should see the jumpsuit he has,” he tells us.

We can’t wait.

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