Sheridyn Fisher, An Aussie Soccer Player & Model, Won Halloween At Playboy Party



There were like 10,000 hot chicks Sunday night at the Playboy Mansion Halloween party. The party poon was well documented by our cohorts at Coed.

We were looking for athletes. Maybe a hot volleyball player from UCLA. Or a Pepperdine cheerleader in a slutty costume.

What we found was Sheridyn Fisher, an Australian bikini model, who is also a soccer player. It was all over. Game over. End of the competition.

I’m not exactly sure if Fisher still plays soccer, but she has “soccer player” in her Twitter bio (@sheridynfisher) so we’re going with it.

What is the costume? A goddess who is never sleeping with your out of shape, unemployed ass.

[Sheridyn Fisher – Instagram]

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