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Paulina Gretzky’s Vacation Full Of Tigers, An Elephant & Rich Fiancé [PHOTOS]

Paulina Gretzky has been traveling overseas with her golfing fiance, Dustin Johnson, and his brother, Austin, this month. By the looks of Paulina’s social media posts, the trip was a real blast (she even set it to the music of Avicii, so it must have been great, right?).

Since you can only watch so much golf — and Jagerbombs are rare outside of the U.S. — DJ entertained Paulina with visits from various exotic animals like a kangaroo joey and a koala bear in Australia, as well as an elephant and a tiger in Thailand.

As you can see in the photos in the gallery below, Paulina is like a real-life Disney character at this point. Really, if she could sing Elton John songs, they wouldn’t even need an animator.

Hopefully Paulina is back from world traveling in time for Halloween. We wouldn’t want to miss her annual sexy costume.

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