NBA 2013 Graphs: Heaviest, Tallest & Highest-Earning Players



Andrew at sent over a few NBA graphs (like 20) today, showing what he calls the Unofficial NBA Player Census. He took player data and built graphs for a variety of subjects like heaviest and tallest teams, highest paid positions, birth states, birth countries and even salary by race. The Asians are kicking everyone’s ass.

Our two favorite graphs are weight and height.

The 76ers are expected to be one of the worst NBA teams you’ve ever seen – on purpose. Many believe GM Sam Hinkie is angling for the most lottery balls for the Andrew Wiggins sweepstakes. That’s right, throwing the season. Does weight and height equal a terrible season?

It does when those players have names like Kwame Brown, Arnett Moultrie, and Spencer Hawes. The roster has six guys 6-10 or taller.



As for money, when will an NBA player make serious coin? He’ll need to stick around the league until he’s 27. Don’t be fooled by that $10,000,000 for 35 year olds. Kobe is 35 and skews the average; he made $27,849,149 during 2012-13.

If you’re a numbers nerd, or just like to see graphs, go over to Best Tickets. They’ll keep you busy before Bulls-Heat tonight on TNT.




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