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Trey Burke Promises Tickets To Jazz Fans, Doesn’t Show Up For Giveaway

Trey Burke of the Utah Jazz will be out of action for a few weeks after breaking his finger during a pre-season game against the Clippers earlier this month, but the rookie point guard is still trying to win over his new team’s fans.

On Monday, Burke tweeted that he’d be at the EnergySolutions Arena box office on Tuesday to buy tickets to the team’s Wednesday home opener against the Thunder for the first 400 fans to show up in Jazz gear (never mind that it’s not a good sign that the team has to give away tickets to opening night).

Great gesture, right?  Only thing is, Burke never showed up.

A fan on Instagram said Burke had a doctor’s appointment, but other fans weren’t as understanding.

It looks like Burke still bought the tickets, but he may have also learned a lesson in fan expectations. Stay strong, Trey. It could be a long winter in Utah.

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