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Brenden Dillon vs Marcus Foligno Fight: They Both Have Visors! [VIDEO]

Now is a pretty good time to start our annual look at NHL hockey fights from the perspective of a normal guy who doesn’t watch NHL games until May. We’re not hockey fans and don’t act like we’re hockey fans or that we know much about the sport.

But we can analyze a fight.

Let’s take a look at Monday night’s scrap between Dallas Stars brawler Brenden Dillon vs Sabres sorta tough guy Marcus Foligno.

You know how we know neither guy is much of a fighter? They’re wearing visors. There’s no bigger sign that a guy cares about his face than a visor. So you shouldn’t be surprised this is what a fight looks like in the NHL when two guys wearing visors get together. They throw body shots.

The big news here: Foligno has an amazing parody Twitter account (@MarcusFolignHOE).

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