Boobs McGee Adjusting Her Boobs Behind Blackhawks Bench

That’s Chicago Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford getting to see Boobs McGee adjust that black bra that’s driving her crazy.

These Puck Sluts will do whatever it takes to slut up one of these hockey guys. If it takes slutting it up in the 2nd period, then it’s time to slut it up.

If it means getting a little sloppy and showing off your boobs on CSN, then it’s time to show off the boobs. These Puck Bunnies won’t stop until they get laid.

By the way, what’s that guy hammering behind Boobs? Is that a burger or hot dog?

Thanks to @gorvett for sending the video.

GOP35 sent the photos. Thanks to all.

Blackhawks-Boobs-1 Blackhawks-Boobs-2

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