Rob Ryan Halloween Costumes Are Everywhere In New Orleans

It’s like New Orleans and Rob Ryan were made for each other. One likes to get really, really drunk. One looks like a drunk. How is it, at 50, Rob is just now coaching in NOLA? The belly. The hair. The play chart. The facial reactions. The headset. The goat.

Let’s just put it out there: New Orleans is being overrun by Rob Ryan Halloween costumes.

As you saw yesterday during the Bills game, Saints fan became a viral sensation because of his costume and his buddy Sean Payton. But he’s not the only Rob running loose on Bourbon St. There are others who are getting sloppy drunk and impressing the ladies with tales of defensive stops.

Besides Baby Andy Reid, this is the NFL coach costume of the year.

Were you Rob Ryan for Halloween? Did you get drunk with a Rob Ryan on Bourbon St.? Tell us about it.

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