Nate Burleson Got A Year’s Supply Of Pizza After A Slice Caused His Crash

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Lions’ wide receiver Nate Burleson is blessed. Not only did Burleson not die when he crashed his car while trying to keep a slice of pizza from sliding around in his ride earlier this season, but he’s recovering from the broken arm suffered in the crash and may return to the Lions as early as Nov. 10.

Oh, and a frozen pizza company just sent Burleson a year’s supply of pizza (see above) so he doesn’t have to order take-out for a while.

DiGiorno Pizza sent Burleson a get-well message and vouchers for a year’s supply of pizza. It’s not the Happy’s Pizza that helped cause the car crash, but who cares; it’s pizza.

Burleson shared the news on Instagram on Sunday. The note read:

“Hello Nate, We hope you are feeling better after your recent car accident and are on the road to recovery. DiGiorno Pizza understands the challenges that come with carry out and delivery pizza so we’re sending you a gift along with a year supply of DiGorno pizza so you can skip carry out.”

This is a nice gesture, but it’s a scary trend: If every NFL guy who gets into a car accident over food gets a free year’s supply of eats, Andy Reid and Rob Ryan might need to have their driver’s licenses revoked immediately.


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