Katherine Webb & Natalie Pack Invade Alabama For Vols Game [PHOTOS]

With Alabama facing a “rivalry game” against Tennessee in Tuscaloosa this weekend, it was a great time for the beautiful Katherine Webb, the unofficial first girlfriend of Crimson Tide football, to host her BFF and fellow former pageant queen, Natalie Pack.

Webb made sure that she and Pack were able to watch ‘Bama roll the Vols 45-10 on Saturday. The two babes hung out and watched scary movies with the brothers’ McCarron on Sunday night (we’re surprised the hardcore Red Sox fans weren’t watching the World Series).

Corey McCarron is our new hero, btw. His low-key coat-tailing has put him in some pretty cool places. Most BC readers would gladly yield multiple fingers to cuddle on a couch with Pack & Webb. All McCarron had to do was bring a six-pack.

Check out the gallery below for more shots of both ladies:


LSU Fan Sent Us These Butt Photos
LSU Fan Sent Us These Butt Photos
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