Chiefs Fan Gets Puked On, OSU Fan Pukes, Vols Mullet & Little Andy Reid

What did we learn this weekend in the NFL? According to NFL playoff probabilities, Jets fans can move on to Knicks, Rangers and Devils games; the Panthers now have a 30% probability of making the playoffs; the Bengals now have an 18% probability of making the Super Bowl and the Chiefs are still the probable Super Bowl champions.

K.C. goes to Buffalo next Sunday before getting the Broncos twice in three weeks.

Here are your BCS standings. Who’s ready for Fresno State or Northern Illinois to get a BCS birth? They’re just waiting for power conference schools to lose. How about Central Florida? I was all over them before the season started and they’re up to 19th in the AP poll.

How is the World Series doing against football? Not too bad. The Series is having its best ratings since 2009. Um, that’s not really saying that much.

ESPN GameDay Signs: UCLA Vs. Oregon
ESPN GameDay Signs: UCLA Vs. Oregon
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