Red Sox Fan Gets Sweet World Series Seat For $50, Hangs With Jenny Dell, Kenny Chesney [PHOTOS]


World Series Game 1

World Series tickets would seem to be cost-prohibitive for most people. However, most people aren’t resourceful Red Sox fan Gatsby (@Baccari_and_Rum).

A Red Sox diehard, Gatsby showed up at Fenway Park for Game 1 of the World Series because that’s what real fans do. It’s seems from Gatsby’s tweets that he had game tickets and decided to try to upgrade.

Well, Ulysses S. Grant and a smile got Gatsby seats that are selling for $2,300 and up on StubHub.

The sweet seat meant Gatsby was in good company: Kenny Chesney, Kevin Millar and NESN sideline reporter Jenny Dell. Because the rule is “pics or it didn’t happen,” Gatsby documented the night accordingly.

Better still (for him): the Sox got a big win (the 5-0 lead probably helped free up the seats) and a legendary story.

[H/T: @Baccari_and_Rum]

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