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Photogenic Notre Dame RB Cam McDaniel Also Famous For Gauntlet Fail

How pathetic is this? Notre Dame running back Cam McDaniel’s good looks have become the highlight of the Fighting Irish’s football season. He was even on the Today show Friday morning.

After a Notre Dame blog on SB Nation pointed out McDaniel’s handsomeness in an improbable action shot from last week’s game against USC, the running back has become Internet famous. We introduced you to his fiancee, Stephani Sterrett, last night.

Prior to this week, McDaniel’s most notable college football highlight was getting stuffed by the sled at a Notre Dame practice in August.

McDaniel’s looks may eventually fade, but this video clip will live on forever. Bet Savannah Guthrie didn’t ask him about this.

Notre Dame plays at Air Force Saturday at 5 p.m. (ET – CBS Sports Network).

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