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Johnny Manziel Is A Good Tipper

Johnny Manziel is a d-bag. Johnny is arrogant. Johnny is a jerkoff rich kid. Johnny is [insert your complaint] here.

What you can’t say about Manziel is that he’s a bad tipper.

@shelbsss11d the honor of serving Scooby a night this week and was soooo happy.

Can you say that you waited on Johnny Manziel tonight? DIDNT THINK SO! #serverperks#johnnyFootball

And then Shelbs tweeted a photo of Johnny’s bill.

Three things:

• The guy knows how to leave a legit tip

• How much is an autographed Manziel restaurant tab worth?

• I’m kinda mad in my college days I never had $96 to burn on a middle of the week dinner

Maybe he’s just feeling festive since his favorite holiday is coming up.

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