Devin Brugman, Browns’ WR Greg Little’s Ex-Girlfriend, Is Back In Bikini




Remember bikini Instagram model Devin Brugman? Of course you do. She spent time around a year ago as the girlfriend of Cleveland Browns wide receiver Greg Little. He was developing into a solid NFL talent. Greg was catching balls, making starts and developing into a talent.

It looked like Brugman-Little had the chance to be huge in 2013. Then the two split.

We figured by now Brugman would hookup with another athlete. So far that hasn’t happened. And she has, for some crazy reason, slowed down on posting bikini photos. The Big Sur photo above, posted a week ago, is the first bikini shot she has dropped on Instagram this month.

Meanwhile, Greg has had a terrible 2013 season. He ran into trouble for his driving habits and played so poorly that he lost his starting job (he started last week).

Advantage: @devin_brugman

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