Sad Drake Is Sad At Bachelorette Party For Eagles S Kurt Coleman’s Fiancee’s [PHOTO]

Sad Drake Is Sad With Fiancee Of Eagles S Kurt Coleman [PHOTO]

WTF, Drake? Harden up, dude. You’re not at the bottom; you’re surrounded by women in cocktail attire.

Hugh E Dillon at Philly Chit Chat reports that the rapper found himself at Stratus Lounge in Philadelphia last Saturday after his scheduled concert was cancelled.

While hanging out at the lounge, Drake intersected with a flock of ladies out celebrating the upcoming marriage of Laura Roberts, an Ohio Stater who is engaged to Eagles safety Kurt Coleman (also a former Buckeye).

Drake posed for pics with Roberts’ and her group of girls, but put on a sourpuss that made it looked like someone took a dump on his tour bus.

Maybe he was upset at Texas A&M’s loss to Auburn? He and Johnny Football are pretty tight.

We hope that Roberts didn’t invite Drake to the wedding. No way this dude dances like nobody’s watching.

[H/T: PhillyChitChat.com and Laura Roberts]

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