Meet Photogenic Notre Dame RB Cam McDaniel’s Fiancee Stephani Sterrett [PHOTOS]

Stephani Sterrett 24

Notre Dame running back Cam McDaniel made news this week when SB Nation blog One Foot Down uncovered a photo of him as college football’s version of the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.

That’s certainly better than his former title as “Stuffed By The Sled Guy.” (Yeah, same guy.)

Anyway, as a surprise to no one, the handsome McDaniel has a darn photogenic girlfriend, Stephani Sterrett, who got engaged to the Fighting Irish running back on the beach at Ka’anapali, Hawaii in May.

McDaniel and Sterrett have been dating since high school. They are attractive enough to look like they belong in engagement picture frames or something. As you can see in the gallery below, McDaniel and Sterrett have had A LOT of professional pictures taken, which might explain why McDaniel was ready for his glamor shot.

We really hope McDaniel told his Notre Dame teammates about the “Dawson’s Creek” shots below, otherwise someone is in for a righteous ball-busting at ND FB practice.

More about Stephani Sterrett:

• From Aubrey, Texas
• Attended Texas A&M
Signed to play tennis at Bethel College
• Went to see McDaniel play against Arizona State on Oct. 5.

[Photos/Info via Facebook and @cammcdaniel4]