Eagles Fan Claims Stub Hub Screwed Him Out Of A Good Deal, Too

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Fans discovered the oddities of the secondary market for sports tickets earlier this week when Deadspin reported that a guy scored tickets to Game 1 of the World Series on StubHub for just $6, even though similar tickets were selling for as much as $759.00.

Well, StubHub cancelled the sale — because of course they did — and refunded the money, but they also hooked the guy up as per their “guarantee.”

It doesn’t always work that way.

After the World Series ticket made news, Busted Coverage reader Mike wrote to us to allege he had a similar experience with StubHub while buying Philadelphia Eagles season tickets in September.

He sent along a receipt (below) of his Sept. 4 purchase of three tickets to each home game of the Eagles’ 2013 season. The final cost per ticket, per game: $21.56 – obviously a HUGE savings over the face value of $95 per ticket (and the $140-$258 per ticket on Ticketmaster’s Official NFL Ticket Exchange for this Sunday’s game against the Giants).

The deal was too good to be true. In his own words:

With all of the recent publicity about the guy that went to the World Series I wanted to share my fraudulent Stub Hub story.

Back on 9/4/13 I saw 3 Lower Level Eagles SEASON tickets listed for $155 ticket….for the WHOLE SEASON. That means I had 24 total tickets (3 to each of the 8 home regular season games) for ONLY $21/per ticket. After seeing the deal of a lifetime I scooped the tickets up immediately! Essentially I was the happiest man in the world because I just landed the cheapest tickets I have ever bought.

My story was similar to the man who bought the World Series ticket because about a day later they explained the seller didn’t have the tickets and had to cancel the transaction. I was furious. I also mentioned that they had the Stub Hub guarantee in which they should have given me similar tickets.

They said there were no comparable tickets left(which wasn’t true at all) and they gave me a $200 gift certificate instead. Which is a nice gesture but not close to the value of the deal I should have received.

Not sure if anyone would care but it’s time the public continues to step up to Stub Hub, an organization that makes millions of dollars on ridiculous fees it charges the public. Their customer service is horrendous. Stub Hub sent the guy to the World Series to avoid bad publicity because he made a big deal. That is why I want to make a big deal. I feel the more these stories get around, Stub Hub will start to become more customer friendly.


Mike said he used the $200 gift certificate for the Eagles-Chiefs game on Sept. 19. He said the $200 didn’t even cover the total cost of that one game.

The lesson: buyer beware. As much as the online ticket exchanges advance the process from buying from a scalper in the parking lot, they’re still not foolproof.

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