Avocado? What Foreign Substance Was Jon Lester Putting On His Fingers?


Avocado dip? Green sauce for his nachos?

Jon Lester seemed to be putting some sort of foreign substance on his fingers during Game One of the World Series. Orel Hersheiser was on Mike and Mike this morning and said it was a “very well pitched game by Lester.”

Yes it was.

But did he have help.

Cardinals fans think so and the evidence seems to be present to show that Lester was greasing his ball. Lester went 7 2/3 and gave up five hits, struck out 8 and walked one. Very interesting.

As for foreign substances (not sweat or rosin):

Rule 8 of the MLB official rulebook a pitcher “shall not … apply a foreign substance of any kind to the ball.”

The penalty: The pitcher “shall be ejected immediately from the game and shall be suspended automatically. … for 10 games.”

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Lester Glove Green 2

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Now let’s go back to something strange from the Red Sox during a ALDS game against the Rays on October 8. A bottle of Bullfrog showed up in the Sox dugout – for a dome game.

Jake Peavy went 5 2/3 in that game and gave up one run on five hits while striking out three.

From Jeff Passan in May when Clay Buchholz was accused of doctoring a ball:

The typical procedure for a starting pitcher is simple: In between innings, take a fresh hit of BullFrog, grab the rosin bag when on the mound and covertly swipe at least one finger from the right hand across the sunscreen, creating the substance that can be spread to other fingers inside the safety of the glove. Pitchers consider the BullFrog-rosin combination safer than using plain pine tar, particularly after Tampa Bay Rays reliever Joel Peralta was suspended eight games last season when umpires found a dollop on his glove.

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