The Boobs Are Back – Rick’s Cabaret NYC Strip Club Lifts Giants TV Ban


Just a couple weeks after making a drastic decision to ban Giants football from its televisions, the management at Rick’s Cabaret in Midtown Manhattan announced this morning that Eli, Salsa Cruz and new running back Peyton Hillis are allowed back on club TVs.

As Eli said after the huge first win (1-6) of the season, “It’s a start.”

Management released this statement:

The NY Giants will be back on the High-Def TVs and big screens at Rick’s Cabaret New York, the popular gentlemen’s club in midtown Manhattan that features over 100 topless exotic dancers performing daily.

“It was upsetting to watch the Giants lose every week, and that’s why we stopped showing their games,” explained Rick’s Cabaret Girl Monica. “But now they’ve won their first game and we will put them back on our TVs.”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Leanne purred, “I can’t take credit for the Giants first win, but I think the girls and I provided a little extra motivation to the team. Now they can say goodbye to losing and start winning.”

“Eli Manning and the Giants are out of the doghouse,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Vida. “We’ve always loved Eli and we think he has turned things around.”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Valerie had a different opinion. “The Giants only won because Minnesota is so so so bad. I’m a Jets fan, and Geno Smith is the man!”

Club sources tell us that the Monday night game was the last thing on the minds of patrons. “The club was packed and no one asked to watch the game,” our insider tells us.


The good news this morning for the Giants is that they are three games out of first in the NFC East, and the Rick’s girls are smiling with Eli jerseys.

All seems right in the city.


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