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Oklahoma Cops Arrest Guy Wearing Emmitt Smith Jersey After Chase


The big news last night in Oklahoma City: some guy in an SUV ran from cops and led them on a high-speed chase that was captured live by KFOR’s Chopper 4.

The bigger news: the guy got out of the SUV wearing an Emmitt Smith jersey.

News 9 reports:

the chase started following a traffic stop for an expired tag. Once the officer got him stopped, police say the suspect fled, first heading westbound alongĀ 59th Street.

At least Emmitt Smith jersey guy didn’t get blown away on live TV. That wouldn’t have been a good look for Roger Goodell and the NFL.

Kudos to this criminal for giving up peacefully.


Emmitt Smith Arrest 3 Emmitt Smith Arrest 1 Emmitt Smith Arrest 2 Emmitt Smith Arrest 4


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