Texans Cheerleaders Kelli & Madison Busts Caps At Gun Range

Texans cheerleaders at gun range

I’ve said it too many times to count: there’s not much hotter than NFL cheerleaders shooting guns in jeans and logo t-shirts. Leave it to Texans cheerleaders Kelli and Madison to be the latest Texans cheerleaders packing heat. You might remember HTC Shelbie and her handgun.

While the Cowboys cheerleaders are busy being corporate and shooting stupid Country Music Television “reality” shows, the HTC have been shooting guns, shakin’ it in a grocery store and shooting a video with a friggin’ camel. The rest of America is slow to realize how great the Texans cheerleaders have been.

Not loyal BC readers.

So let’s go to the gun range with Kelli (@HTC_Kelli) and Madison (@HTC_Madison).

HTC Kelli at gun range


HTC Madison at gun range