South Carolina’s Fish-Fry, Iowa’s Beathard-Cox & Passed Out Chiefs Fan


morning twitpics

What did we learn this weekend? The SEC is a mess, dress 10 DBs against Peyton Manning, the World Series will go to a deserving fanbase, Alabama has clinched the SEC West, Johnny Manziel might as well start partying hard for the rest of the season and Clemson isn’t so intimidating at night.

The Chiefs now have a 16% probability of winning the Super Bowl. The Bengals are rising, too. The Bungwads are now at 8%. It’s hard to believe, but the Broncos now have just a 7% probability of winning the Super Bowl.

According to @eliassports, the Chiefs are now the first team in NFL history to start 7-0 the season after posting worst record in the league. That will cause Andy Reid to dance. More on that later this morning.

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