NFL Pick ‘Em Week 7: Lisa Varga vs. Kevin The Intern



So we had actress/sports host/gun-toting Lisa Varga, a new friend of Busted Coverage, pick Week 7 games against Kevin the Intern because she is a huge football fan, grew up a Notre Dame fan in South Bend (Kev is a Purdue graduate) and she was willing to wager on her picks.

As you’ll see below, this bet comes down to Detroit-Cincinnati.

Lisa says:

I’m pretty confident on my football picks. Being an avid sports fan I’m up on all my games. It’s up to my teams not to let me down on this so here we go… To kickoff this competition I’d like to put a little something on the line…if Kevin the Intern beats me, I will wear the team shirt of his choice and hold up a hand written sign of his choice and take some pics and send them in…but if I win, Kevin has to do a sexy pose in the team shirt of my choice…in his boxers or briefs (if I have to show a little leg he has to) holding the sign of my choice. All is fair in competition. Let the games begin! “

Kevin says:

She has made some bad choices in life to be a Notre Dame fan.

Her picks:

Cowboys-Eagles: Cowboys in a close one. No vick, but Foles is playing well for Eagles. But I still go with the Cowboys.

Bengals-Lions – Benglas D is tough and Calvin Johnson is questionable for Detroit. I go with Bengals.

Bears-Redskins – Bears. They are playing better, healthy and Washington is a mess.

Colts-Broncos – The game of the season! Cant go against Peyton Manning ever, the Colts are hot and at home…But I’m still gonna go with Denver.

Ravens-Steelers – Steelers just came off their first win last week, are at home, but I think I go with the champs on this. Ravens. Sorry Big Ben.

Kevin’s picks:






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