Meet Meghan Hardin From Golf Channel’s Big Break Puerto Rico [PHOTOS]

You guys have been crushing our servers with searches for Meghan Hardin. Haven’t heard of that name? That’s because you aren’t watching the Golf Channel’s “reality” golf show called Big Break Puerto Rico.

Hardin made her television debut as a 19 year old on an earlier version of Big Break (she was the first competitor eliminated) and had minor success becoming an Internet star. Golf Channel brought her back this season because you guys will watch and tell your buddies to watch for obvious reasons. They teamed her with Mark Rypien and some other guy.

I’m still not really sure what the object is on Big Break (airs Tuesdays at 9 EST – Facebook). The big news is that there are NFL players on the show. You get Rypien, Tim Brown, Jerry Rice and some other guys. It’s something you watch on the treadmill.

According to Hardin’s (@MeghanAHardin) bio, she’s 21, turned professional in 2012, plays on the Cactus Tour and Grasshopper Tours (yeah, lower than the LPGA) got her first professional win that same year.

Will Hardin ever turn into the next Natalie Gulbis and give the LPGA a hot chick who looks good in a bikini? Not if she can’t get past a reality show on the Golf Channel.

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