Guy Watching Ellen At Blackhawks Game, Seahawks Fan Sleeping & Lesbians?

Guy Watches Ellen At Blackhawks Game, Seahawks Fan Sleeping, Lesbians?

I’ve seen people reading newspapers, playing Candy Crush, reading a Bible, knitting blankets, reading wrestling magazines, etc. at sporting events. I’ve never seen a person watching Ellen. Never. That’s a first. What moron goes to a Blackhawks game and watches Ellen?

Let’s stop this shit, America. Put the mobile devices away. Grab a beer. Be social. Chat with the people around you. Once we’ve gotten to the point of watching a lesbian’s talk show instead of watching grown men slam each other into boards and glass, we’ve lost our way in life.

Other than that, we have the normal roundup you guys love: people sleeping, Kid Rock pounding a beer, 49ers implants.

It has been a solid week. Thanks to all of you who screencap instead of spending quality time with your wives and girlfriends. It means so much to Busted Coverage.

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