Dario Franchitti Told Playboy About His Scariest Crash Before Houston Crash [VIDEO]


You’ve probably already seen IndyCar driver Dario Franchitti’s crash into the fence at the Houston Grand Prix on Oct. 6 (above). Franchitti sustained multiple fractures and a concussion after getting airborne. He was still having surgeries to address the fractures this week.

Scary stuff for sure, but the Houston crash may not be Franchitti’s scariest moment in a race car. In an interview conducted before the Houston Grand Prix for the November issue of Playboy, Franchitti mentioned his ‘hairiest” on-track moment:

“The most afraid I’ve ever been in a car was in 2007 in Michigan, when I got up in the air at the superspeedway. The car was about 30 feet off the ground and spinning around. We were doing about 215 miles an hour. Afterward, I thought I was lucky to get away with it. That was definitely a moment when I thought, This might be it.”

Sound bad? It was. Take a look:

Yeah, Franchitti’s car may have disintegrated around him in Houston, but catching air at 215 mph has to feel a hell of a lot worse.

[H/T: Playboy]

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