BC Reader: I Was Sitting Next To Guy Watching Ellen On IPad At Blackhawks Game



BC reader @BTepper24 sent word this afternoon that he was the guy wearing the Duncan Keith jersey and sitting next to the guy watching Ellen on his iPad at last night’s Blackhawks game.

“That’s me in the Keith jersey! There was a whole group of Swedish guys on their iPads the WHOLE game,” B.T. said.

And there was more to this story that I didn’t expect to hear.

Picture 1


Picture 7


The reason I asked if he could tell what episode he was watching is because there was a rumor that Jimmy Buffett was on this week and the dude could’ve been a parrothead trying to catch up on Jimmy.

Picture 8

So there you go: 8 Swedes drinking draft beer out of straws and watching Ellen at a Blackhawks game. Sounds like a terrorist cell to me.

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