Rays Manager Joe Maddon & Bulldog Touring U.S. In Sweet RV


Joe Maddon is becoming the poster boy for the post-alpha male. From his trademark Hipster glasses to his themed road trips, the Tampa Bay Rays manager is consistently quirky-cool, seemingly living out every man’s midlife crisis daydreams in real time.

Yesterday, Maddon tweeted out that he’s traveling around the U.S. in a killer RV. His bulldog, Winston, is on board. We assume his wife, Jaye, is too.

Maddon also stopped at the infamous South of the Border in Dillon, South Carolina, because everyone does.

Question: how did all the ED drug companies miss this sponsorship opportunity? Even if Maddon doesn’t use the boner-aid, he’s a hero to the many guys who do/might one day need the help.

We’ll keep looking for Maddon’s updates from the road. If there isn’t at least one post from his home region in Northeastern Pennsylvania, we’ll be greatly disappointed.


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