Friend Of BC Lisa Varga With Her SIG P229 & Kaner Jersey


Of course you guys remember the legs of actress/sports reporter Lisa Varga that we showed you a month ago. So a couple days after that post I asked Lisa if she’d send us a photo of her in the Kaner jersey and holding a gun because she’s done some TV work with guns.

Varga (@TheLisaVarga) was game and sent a photo a couple weeks ago. True story: I never saw the gun in the photo. My eyes never left her legs in the right photo. Seriously.

After a little back and forth this morning with Lisa, I finally realized she’s holding a gun.

Sorry u missed the – Tried to make it subtle so no one got up in arms ;) It’s a SIG P229 & yes it’s mine #LoveMySig #Badass

It also seems that we missed the news that Lisa took more sports-themed photos. She’s making an early statement for NHL Internet Chick of the Year.

Let’s go drink, talk guns and maybe chat about marriage.

Picture 13



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