FCS Helmet-To-Helmet Hit Of The Week On Central Connecticut State Kickoff

(You only need to watch the first :30; the rest is useless)

Wait, there’s no flag on that hit? You can lead with your helmet on a kickoff, but a safety can’t lead with his head to jar a ball loose from a 6-6, 265-pound tight end? What am I missing?

Thinking of playing FCS ball because you love the sport and just want to play a few more years before hanging up the cleats? You better be under scholarship or you’re paying to have your brains scrambled. Cool with that? I’m cool with your choice.

As for Sacred Heart’s Moses Webb, he doesn’t look so good after this shot last Saturday from Central Connecticut State’s Andrew Murdock. The good news for Webb: his team won, 59-36.

I’m not sure if he means his head:

Picture 2


Picture 3


Picture 5 Picture 4