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Bret & Jen Bielema’s Hook-Up Story Is In Arkansas’ Game Program

First-year Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema and his bikini-loving wife Jen have stepped into the role of Arkansas’ first couple very quickly. The university is embracing its version of Prince William and Kate Middleton by giving fans the real story behind the Bielema’s fairytale romance in its game notes each week.

As you’ll recall, the Bielemas met at a casino in Vegas, talked and gambled for hours, and Jen suddenly developed a fondness for football (and gratuitously-overpaid football coaches). Next thing you know, Bielema is taking a knee on a cruise ship.

See for yourself:

Gotta love Bielema going to Naples for the ring to keep the suspense. Can’t you just picture him with a boom box outside Jen’s window?

Arkansas plays on the road at No. 1 Alabama on Saturday (7 p.m. EST on ESPN).

[Photos: @jenbielema and]

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