Whatever Happened To The 1989 Upper Deck Set – Kelly Gruber




Welcome to a new series on Busted Coverage called “Whatever Happened To The 1989 Upper Deck Set” or a variation of that premise. Those of us old enough to remember the first Upper Deck set will never forget how those cards felt like gold. Most of us thought we would buy our first car with Griffey Jr. cards.

The object of this project isn’t to recreate what these guys have been up to over the last 24 years. We want to see these old timers in their element. Visually see what they’ve been up to. See who is bald. See who is fat. See who could still bust off 35 doubles.

There are 800 players to research.

Have a photo with a member of the 1989 Upper Deck set? Send it in.


Name: Kelly Gruber

1989 Card: #575

Career highlight: Won a World Series with Toronto in 1992

Career earnings: $12,926,500 during his eight-year career that ended in 1993

Now: 51; looks like an aged Jeff Spicoli

Kelly Gruber, Fall 2013 – Toronto


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