The Houston Texans .44 Magnum Gun Grill



What does the future of NFL grilling look like? At one Houston fabrication and paint shop, the old boys have come up with the ultimate Houston Texans grilling machine. BC follower @TrayBone10 tells us the shop he works at is responsible for the fabrication of this badass beef cooking .44 Magnum grill.

Tray reports:

We have built 4 different types all for our own enjoyment at the tailgate and have given some away to customers.

He says the company isn’t selling the grills so any NFL lawyers reading this can relax. These guys even donated one grill to the Shriners to be raffled off to raise money for their hospitals.

As you can see, the shop even went into great detail on the grill grate. Those are Texans logos where your beef resides during the cooking process.

Am I expecting Tray and the boys to get a reality show on the NFL Network out of this grill? Absolutely. Do I want to see the Texans go against Green Bay fabricators (giant cheesehead grilling machine, anyone?) in a fabricate-off? Uh, yes.

Do I want to see tatted Oakland Raiders fabricators cook ribs on the trunk of a 1967 Cadillac? Sign me up.

Make it happen, NFL Network.

Texans-Gun-Grill-2 Texans-Gun-Grill-3 Texans-Gun-Grill-4

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