Get It, Girl: 93-Year-Old Texas Tech Granny Cheerleader Does Splits At Homecoming


Tech-Old Cheerleader

Look, we’re not all about the Houston Texans and Oregon cheerleaders. We’ll throw in an old broad here and there. We know you guys don’t want to see the USC Song Girls seven days a week.

That’s 93-year-old Texas Tech alumni cheerleader Jane Kuykendall gettin’ after it at Saturday’s homecoming game. It’s not like students bet her she wouldn’t do the splits. She loves the attention. This cougar has been a media magnet over the last couple of years thanks to her cheerleading prowess.

Just last year Jane was waxing about the old days to the Lubbock newspaper.

“When I was going to school, we would have varsity shows — musicals. Anytime there was time to volunteer, I was there. I had no talent, though. I could not sing. But I could dance, and I could act. So, I danced on the varsity shows. We all had chorus lines.”

Kuykendall said of the ability, “I can’t sing, I can’t draw, and I’m not an artist. My only claim to fame is that I’m old and I can do the splits.”

I’ll guarantee she was a beast in the sack. Any 93-year-old who still does the splits at a Tech game had to be batshit crazy in bed. Probably the first Tech cheerleader to send nude pics to WWII troops.

[via @TechAthletics]

From 2011:

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