Browns Toddler Pounding A Bud Light, Big Al 69 & LSU Grilling Gator

You’ll notice I went a little heavy this morning with Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs screencaps. These two teams are about as SEC as the NFL gets, so they get special attention. Kudos to all those who are driving creeper vans, ripping seats out of Arrowhead, letting their kid pound a Bud Light and getting arrested.

Without you we’d be out of business.

Tired of the St. Louis Cardinals? They’re up 3-1. Get ready for another Cardinals World Series where Joe Buck waxes about St. Louis fans being the best in baseball.

And the Tigers offense deserves kudos for making John Lackey look like Bob Gibson. Tampa lit up Lackey for four runs over 5 1/3 in the ALDS. The Tigers scraped together four hits over 6 2/3.

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