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Johnny Manziel’s Uncle Nate Parties With Marshall Henderson


I’ve warned you guys that things are beginning to heat up with Team Johnny Manziel. The dust finally settled with the NCAA/ESPN/autograph situation and Johnny’s associates are starting to get back to their normal lives of partying, wrecking college bars and meeting celebrities.

Take Uncle Nate Fitch.

The guy went quiet on social media during the autograph scandal and seemed to be a good soldier. Now, the NCAA has stepped off and Uncle Nate is back to being the best sidekick in sports. There he was over the weekend at Ole Miss partying with convicted coke head Marshall Henderson at some Oxford bar.

He tweeted (@UNCLENATEFITCH) before arriving in Oxford:

If y’all wanna hate on something I’ll give you an easy one, I’m getting my eyebrows waxed right now.

And once he was partying in Oxford:

I wasn’t lying when I said #regime was in Oxford… Keep ballin



Uncle Nate Parties Ole Miss


Wearing his SEC Championship ring:

Picture 1

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