Drunk Father Shoots And Kills Son After Fight Over Watching Football



David Carrender reportedly told authorities he “had killed the thing that he loved most in the world,” according to a police report in the shooting death of his son, Wyatt, after an argument over watching football Sunday in Indianapolis.

The Indiana Daily Student reports:

Wyatt Carrender was shot Sunday at about 8:25 p.m. after he and his father were at Buffalo Wild Wings in Indianapolis with their family and friends, watching a football game. While there, David Carrender was drinking.

After the game ended, the father wanted to go on to another bar to watch more games, while the son wanted to go to look at cars for sale and then go home.

Wyatt’s girlfriend told police that the father consumed about 10 Blue Moons and “several shots of whiskey.” The two argued about going home.

Once home, the fight escalated. According to the police report, the pair fought in the stairway, and Wyatt Carrender head-butted his father, sending him crashing down the stairs.

David and Wyatt Carrender then retreated to their bedrooms. David Carrender retrieved a .40 caliber handgun from his bedroom and went into his son’s room, where Wyatt Carrender sat on the end of his bed with his pregnant girlfriend, Canfield, according to the police report.

Wyatt Carrender stood and started moving toward his father, and David Carrender proceeded to shoot his son five or six times in the chest, arm and pelvis, according to the police report.

From 2011:

Picture 1

And this from David Carrender’s girlfriend:

Picture 2


[HT: Deadspin]

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