Curt Schilling’s Wife Got A Little Crazy On Facebook Over Estate Sale

The sad Curt Schilling estate sale went down over the weekend and left us with images of people walking through the wooded property of the house he’s trying to sell for $3.45 million with pieces of the former Cy Young’s life. Boston’s WCVB showed buyers carrying Pittsburgh Steelers Schilling jerseys, fake plants, a batting cage, a rocking chair and one of Curt’s ties.

Curt’s wife, Shonda, called it a downsizing. Others think it was an obvious move to generate some money to payback Rhode Island, who is suing Schilling for a $75 million loan it gave him to move his video game company to the state.

Those are fighting words to Shonda and she lost it late last week on Facebook. She’d had enough of the rumors and was ready to set the record straight on why the family would sell the “Ice Mower” and the Curt Schilling Red Sox robe.

She wrote (bold added by BC for emphasis):

I should know better then to do this but this is really gotten so out of hand and the media is so pathetic to write the things they have written about my husband this week.

Ten years ago we moved to Medfield. My kids were 8,6,4 and 1.

Fast forward 10 years later and now one has left the nest and Gabby in no time will be graduating and leaving to. Think about the stuff your kids have when they are 5 and what they have when they are 15. I had a baby when I moved here.

Starting 5 years ago I really wanted to move. Having a child on the autism spectrum I really wanted him to be in a neighborhood so he could model behaviors of kids his age. My youngest I wanted to
experience being able to ride his bike to his friends house. He was too young when we moved here to remember having that in AZ.

So we made the plunge downsized and moved to a neighborhood.
Remember I moved over 40 times in Curts career. I don’t have real attachments to homes like others.
Gehrig is off to school and soon Gabby to follow.
I had some great pieces of furniture I loved. Like anybody who moves we are not lucky enough for all of the furniture to fit perfectly in the next house. So I decided it would be a great idea to Estate sale it. Yard sale, tag sale, consignment sale
its all the same thing. Some fun things that hopefully someone would have a great use for in there home. I watch lots of HGTV and love what people can do with things people can no longer use.

Curt did not pick through our house what should we sell it was me.
It was totally my idea.
We are not doing this because we have lost everything and need the money. Media, talk shows, newspapers you have once again tried to humiliate my husband and my family. It is truly what is wrong with the world today. That anyone would want to see someone fall so badly that they would assume and write the headlines that were written this week are pathetic.

So I will close by telling you that even though you made me sad with all your comments this week YOU WILL NOT BREAK THIS FAMILY.
You see what we have always known and most people can not grasp through all of this is that what ever will sell, give away, or donate this weekend possessions don’t make you happy. we still have each other and an amazing community to surround us.

So now my kids bike to see friends. My daughter now lives next door to what junior girls refer to as one of the hottest seniors at the highschool. I get to decorate outside for the holidays and people actually get to see it. My husband who lord knows how made it through this unbelievable emotional heart breaking year to find out he is much stronger then he could have ever imagined. He realized how much he loves being a coach in fast pitch softball and being around for all the kids events and I will say is VERY good on ESPN.

Probably won’t see any of this in the papers. Don’t you all have better things to do like report on the Red Sox in the post season.

I promise that is much more exciting then what is really going on in this house.



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