Buccaneers Fan Kicks Some Eagles Fan Ass, Gets Arrested [VIDEO]

How did Buccaneers fans take Sunday’s 31-20 loss to the Eagles? Not well. Imagine the frustration Tampa fan is feeling right now. The team doesn’t have a quarterback; Mike Glennon isn’t the answer. The Bucs are 0-5, have scored less points than the Jaguars and have a dickhead head coach.

So how do you take out your frustration?

By unloading a couple massive right hands to the faces of Eagles fans in the upper deck.

According to the uploader:

Some Bucs fans went down to the Eagles fan seating and began arguing. Two broken , bloody noses, and one arrest later the game ended.

The real fun flares up at the 1:35 mark. Wait for it. Bucs fan connects clean on the nose shots.

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