‘Big Dick’ 69 Chiefs Fan, Passed Out Bills Dad & Passed Out Browns Fan


morning twitpics


My ass was either on the couch or in bed all day on Sunday with the devil head cold, chunky snot discharge and an ear that felt like it exploded and was clogged with blood. That meant I got to see all sorts of football between coughing green snot.

I had to turn down the sound every time Scott Hanson took my Red Zone channel to K.C. where the Chiefs set a new NFL stadium sound record. Is it worth it to pay $200 or so to go to a game and lose your hearing for two weeks? I’m out.

Kudos to those of you who took the Jags +28. The Broncos might score a shitload of points, but they give up plenty, too. The Jags get out of Denver with a 19-point performance. That’s something to build on.


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