19 Best Houston Texans Cheerleaders In Pink Photos


Our buddy Scott Byrne, the Houston-based photographer, was at it again yesterday at the Houston Texans game. He sent a message early Sunday to tell me what he was up to this weekend.

Asked the Texans a couple of weeks ago if they were going to be in the pink uniforms anytime before the game so I could get closeups. They sent me an email late last nite for a pregame field pass so BustedCoverage would have good pics.

That’s why this guy is one of the best in the business. The guy tracks down the stories that you guys actually give a shit about. You already know that Schaub was a wreck against the Rams. You already know that T.J. Yates threw a pick six. You already know that the Texans were a total mess because you watch Red Zone.

Did Red Zone show you the Texans cheerleaders pregame performances? Scott B. saves the day again.