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Longhorn Roger Clemens Throwing ‘Go Frogs’ With TCU Women’s Golf Team


Though he attended the University of Texas, former MLB All-Star pitcher Roger Clemens is beloved in places all over the Lone Star State. With an ego that rivals his career strikeout totals, The Rocket never turns down a photo op, especially if it involves coeds.

Clemens, who is a golfing fiend these days, posed with three young ladies on the TCU women’s golf team, perhaps after the women warmed up for the Betsy Rawls Longhorn Invitational they’ll be playing in on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at the University of Texas Golf Club in Austin.

The Horned Frogs’ golfers convinced the former Longhorn to throw a ‘Go Frogs’ hand sign… not quite ‘Hook ‘Em Horns,’ “Gig ‘Em” or “Guns Up,” is it? Still a baseball legend repping a rival doesn’t happen every day.

Over on the gridiron, Clemens’ Longhorns just upset 12th-ranked Oklahoma, 36-20.

[H/T: FunkyFrog1]

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