Guy Wearing Mark Sanchez Jersey Robs Florida GameStop



Mark Sanchez is so cursed that his lack of judgement rubs off on criminals who wear his jersey while committing a robbery. Take the man in the photo above, whom authorities say knocked off a Game Stop in Vero Beach, Fla.


Witnesses described the gunman as a white male with a tan complexion who wore a green and white New York Jets jersey with the name “Sanchez” on the back, tan pants and a black ball cap with a red spider logo.

The suspect, who had a chipped tooth, gave a note demanding cash to the employee and showed a handgun tucked in his waist band, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The gunman stole an unspecified amount of cash and merchandise as well as the employee’s wallet and cellphone, the Sheriff’s Office said.

See? You put on a Sanchez jersey and you can’t even figure out how to knock off a place with some real coin. …You know, the guy does look a little like Sanchez. If he had a headband and an arm in a sling, we’d be real suspicious.

Regardless, this criminal must be brought to justice. If you have any information as to who this jackhole might be, send it to us (or the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office) and we’ll turn his ass in.

How weird is this football season? Geno Smith has clearly been the best NY football QB.



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