Gronklings — Boston Duck Sculptures Gronk’d Up For His Possible Return


Gronklings Gronk Shirts

Rob Gronkowski is rumored to be returning from injury this Sunday, as New England faces the Saints (4:25 p.m. ET on Fox). If you think Boston isn’t just as excited about the possible return of the Patriots’ all-world tight end as it is about the beginning of the Red Sox ALCS, you’re dead wrong.

See, the duck statues in the Public Garden near Boston Common are now Gronklings. All Gronk’ed the fuck up for his potential return.

That’s right – no bearded ducks touting the Sox. Just ducks wearing “Honk If You Love Gronk,” “Gronk is my hero” and “Get Gronked!” shirts.

If Gronk is somehow deactivated prior to the game, these ducks are going to be wicked pissed. We’re talking Welker not making that catch in the Super Bowl pissed.

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