Did Johnny Manziel Pull ‘Dick In The Pizza Box’ Prank On A&M Girls?


How has Johnny Manziel managed to stay so quiet on the Texas A&M campus? He’s been able to get cooperation from fellow students by asking them to not take photos of him in his element. But he slipped early this morning in, of all places, his apartment.

From what we can piece together from last night, Manziel ordered up some piping hot pizza at some A&M joint and created a mini situation where he was giving out pizza to the less fortunate students who wanted Heisman pizza.

One thing led to another and JFF was back at his apartment with some tail. As you can see, he’s getting comfortable. Shoes are off. Possibly working the tunes. A blonde twirling her hair.

What happened after this photo was taken at 2:28 CST? It’s unclear, but if we were going to go Floyd Mayweather here, I’d take Manziel gets tail -900.

Texas A&M goes to Ole Miss Saturday night for an 8:30 EST kickoff.

Dick in the box?

Manziel Dick in the Box

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