Boomer Sooner Tramp Stamp, Cheerleader/Bow Hunter & Bill O’Brien Dunks


daily dump

On TV tonight: Cardinals-Dodgers Game 1 starts at 8 EST; In college football, you get the always entertaining Temple-Cincinnati game. Other than that, you’ll be bored. Just go to the bar and get bombed. Take a night off from sitting on your ass watching sports.

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SI models in pink bikinis

Amazing job: Rubbing Arianny’s chest

Boomer Sooner tramp stamp

Hottest college cheerleader/bow hunter of ’13

Penn State’s Bill O’Brien dunks on 8 ft. rim

Sharks Joe Thornton: ‘I’d have my cock out…’

Mike Tomlin uses ‘Obviously’ ALOT!

Trust Me: Elena Santarelli

A’s Fans Flashing GIF of the Day


Food Porn of the Day

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